Other Projects

What Do We Seek to Do Outside of Bold Love Giving?

While we hope the Bold Love emphasis will provide the people and resources necessary to build our West Campus, establish a Marriage and Family ministry and establish future campuses, we have other immediate needs. We have anticipated the meeting of these needs outside of Bold Love through “excess cash” and, if necessary, a line of credit. “Excess cash” refers to money given to the general fund in excess of what was required to meet the necessary reserves and budget needs for a given fiscal year. We seek to practice relentless stewardship with all the money given to CCCC. Historically, we have applied “excess cash” to capital costs.

This practice of spending less than we receive has allowed us to get out of debt quickly. CCCC has paid $31,000,000 for all of our land, buildings, furniture and equipment. We have received approximately $13,000,000 from ALL of our previous capital campaigns. The other $18,000,000 was funded through General Fund giving. We have managed our budget spending over the years and have applied the vast majority of our “excess cash” to these capital purchases. We hope to fund our strategic next steps outside of Bold Love with “excess cash” and, if necessary, using a portion of our line of credit (debt).

Sources for Funding for Items Outside of Bold Love Giving

Excess General Fund Cash

Includes General Fund cash at the end of the fiscal year in excess of all necessary reserves as determined by the Finance Team. Following each fiscal year, the Finance Team allocates the excess cash to items determined to need funding that are not included in the General Fund Operating Budget. Historically, these allocations have been made to Capital purchases (purchase of assets, not operating, on-going costs).

Line of Credit as Needed

Includes up to $8 million under CCCC’s Line of Credit with BBVA Compass Bank. Any amount borrowed under this line of credit would only be made if the Strategic Elders believe it is needed and determines it is appropriate and responsible at the time of borrowing.



The East 96 Campus began officially meeting at Bayside Intermediate on Sept. 10, 2017. The capital cost to start this campus ranged from $400,000 to $500,000.



CCCC purchased the office building in March 2002. In March 2002, we had a fraction of the staff we have today. In February 2017, we have around 80 full and part time staff members. Additionally, we utilize scores of volunteers in the office each week. We are completely out of space in our office building. In order to house the current staff, volunteers and new staff for our additional campuses, we will begin developing plans to add approximately 5,000 square feet of office space to our existing 7,000 square feet.



Once we determined that we would start our 5th campus on the east side of League City off of Hwy 96, we began looking for land immediately due to the pace of development in the area. We continue to engage in discussions and negotiations with land owners to purchase the best land possible for this campus.